Refinance Loans

Here at Sachem Capital a private lender, we are here to help you with the refinancing of your current loan. We understand that sometimes your original loan does not work out and you run into complications. That is why we are here to give you the funding to get back on track within days and finish your project.

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What is a Refinance Loan?

Refinancing a loan allows you to replace your current debt obligation with one that has more favorable terms. Through this process, you will take out a new loan to pay off your existing debt, and the terms of the old loan are replaced by a new updated agreement. A hard money loan from a private lender offers quick access to the financing needed to recapitalize a project and bring it to successful completion.

Benefits of Using Sachem Lending for your Refinance Loan

Sachem Lending can get you the funding you need to refinance your current loan. We specialize in innovative financing solutions and pride ourselves on financing challenging or hard-to-fund loans. Our success has been built by looking at each loan scenario individually, providing prospective borrowers with personal and responsive service, and finding solutions that meet their financing needs.

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How Do I Qualify for a Refinance Loan?

Applying and qualifying for a refinance loan with Sachem Lending is easy! To apply today, just hover over the “Contact Us” tab on the menu bar above. From there visit one of our three forms including a quick-and-easy “email us” form as well as a more detailed loan application form. If you want quick answers about your refinance loan to see if you qualify, give us a call today!