Fix & Flip Loans

Here at Sachem Capital a private lender, we are here to help you with your Fix & Flip Loan. We pride ourselves on agility, so you can move quickly on a project in today’s competitive real estate market. Give us a call or fill out an application today!

grey home with white trim showing walkway
grey home with white trim

What is a Fix & Flip Loan?

Fix & Flip loans are short-term loans that are used by real estate investors and those looking to make a profit selling homes they’ve improved. Today’s Fix & Flip market has become extremely competitive. New flippers and experienced buyers alike are combing the market to find properties available at a low price that they can renovate and resell for a profit. Getting the money to cover the purchase of this home and its renovations shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s where we come in!

Benefits of Using Sachem Lending for your Fix & Flip Loan

Our innovative financing solutions help you close quickly without any out-of-pocket upfront fees. Fill out our loan application or call to speak to an agent today!

men working on roof of old home
home showing ladders while renovation is being worked on

How Do I Qualify for a Fix & Flip Loan?

Applying and qualifying for a fix & flip loan with Sachem Lending is easy! To apply today, just hover over the “Contact Us” tab on the menu bar above. From there visit one of our three forms including a quick-and-easy “email us” form as well as a more detailed loan application form. If you want quick answers about fix & flip loans to see if you qualify, give us a call today!