Top 3 Home Renovations for Resale

If you’ve got home renovations on the mind, chances are you’ve already checked out quite a few posts online for some inspiration. Maybe you’ve taken some quick pictures of a house you loved as you drove by on the street. Whatever your motivation to re-do a home is, remember, if the end goal is a resale, then you need to stick to the basics. You should never invest more than you paid and you should always only revamp those areas that have shown to help draw interest from potential homebuyers. 

It’s important to leave personal style and taste out of the equation and choose neutral decor that appeals to the masses. You want to make the house more desirable. Picking what to renovate is a key factor. Should you redo the floors? Or upgrade the windows instead? What about the outdoors? 

Here’s a list of the top 3 home renovations to focus on for a resale. 

1. Dated Kitchens & Baths Have to Go

When it comes to selling homes, one of the most important two rooms buyers will factor into their decision to buy is the kitchen and bathroom. It’s important to not invest too much for a major overhaul as you could lose the investment. A smaller remodel with upgraded fixtures and appliances however can be extremely beneficial for getting the asking price. 

2. New Windows & Doors

Replacing old doors and windows has proven to improve resale value and doesn’t include too large of an investment. New garage doors are a favorable upgrade to homes as well as a beautiful entry door as the first access point for those shopping for a new home. 

3. Don’t Skip Over the Exterior

Speaking of the outdoors, the exterior of the home has proven to be the most important selling point for a home. Investments in new siding, stone veneer upgrades, and even wood deck additions have proven to improve resale turn around time and value. 

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