Sachem Capital Corporation (SCC), a value-based mortgage lender, specializes in non-conventional loans for commercial and investment property. SCC has carved out a unique niche through its value-based lending concept, which utilizes equity in the borrower’s real estate to provide capital for financing their real estate projects.

While most hard money lenders typically offer loans for up to one year, SCC structures loans for up to three years. At Sachem Capital Corp, we pride ourselves on being direct hard money lenders for borrowers, investors and property owners with unmatched services, expertise and financing to optimize real estate opportunities. At SCC, we work with each borrower to explore all reasonable alternatives to fund a transaction.

In virtually all cases, loan review and due diligence are performed with our money— not yours. No upfront fees are required while we work on your loan transaction. Once your application is submitted, our team works quickly to provide fast turnaround times, allowing you to get started on your project as quickly as possible. Preliminary commitments are usually given in a day or two, and in most cases, closings are scheduled within 10 business days.

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